Acorn Biolabs raises $3.3 million to drive down the cost of preservation of genetic materials

Acorn Biolabs raises $3.3 million to drive down the cost of preservation of genetic materials
Acorn Biolabs raises $3.3 million to drive down the cost of preservation of genetic materials

Acorn Biolabs has successfully able to raise a total of $3.3 million in their investment round so that they are able to work on the decrease of preserving genetic materials. The main aim of the company is to get money from the consumers to store their genetic materials so that this could be beneficial in better health care results in the future.

The company is trying to help the health care industry gets prepared for the future. The pitch of Acorn Biolabs is:

“Save young cells today, live a longer better tomorrow.”

The focus of the company is reducing the preservation cost and a lot of investors have been able to see potential in their project. This was the only reason Acorn Biolabs was able to collect $3.3 million from the market in such a short period of time. The money, which is invested in the business of Acorn Biolabs is being invested by some of China’s biggest and busiest investors.

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Acorn Biolabs, which is a Toronto based company is not only trying to preserve genetics but also working on making the whole preservation procedure much more easy and cheap. Acorn Biolabs has already been able to develop a completely new way of preserving the genetic materials and the funding that they received will help them determine how they can reduce the cost and make it more affordable for people.

According to Acorn Biolabs:

 “The new way that we came up with will collect and preserve the genetic material contained in hair follicles, giving its customers a way to collect information at home rather than having to come into a facility and get bone marrow drawn.”

The chief executive, Dr. Drew Taylor came out in the media and said:

 “We have developed a proprietary media that cells are submerged in that maintains the viability of those cells as they’re being transported to our labs for processing. Rapid advancement in the therapeutic use of cells including the ability to grow human tissue sections cartilage, artificial skin, and stem cells are already being delivered. Entire heart, liver, and kidney are really just around the corner. The urgency around collecting, preserving and banking youthful cells for future use is real and freezing clock on your cells will ensure you can leverage them later when you need them.”


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