Apple to bring iTunes contents to the new Samsung Smart TV

Apple to bring iTunes contents to the new Samsung Smart TV
Apple to bring iTunes contents to the new Samsung Smart TV

Apple is one of the global leaders in the tech industry. Apple is known all across the world for having their own ecosystem which is relatively simple and yet well protected.

This is the first time that Apple has announced that they will be launching their iTunes content for all the different Smart TVs which are being designed by Samsung. Apple was planning to introduce their own streaming service in the year 2019. Apple has finally partnered up with Samsung and has made all the iTunes contents to be made accessible to people using Samsung Smart TVs.

Apple has just announced today that people using Samsung Smart TVs will be able to enjoy all the different contents from iTunes which include TV shows and movies. Samsung has also come out with an announcement where they have said that all the latest TVs that will be coming out from Samsung will offer Airplay 2 on a total of 190 countries in the global market.

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Apple has always been futuristic in nature and this is the reason they have been able to make a name for themselves in the global market. It can be said now that Apple is thinking of the future and making such a big change in their ecosystem joining hands with Samsung.

Samsung will now emerge as the first brand to manufacture Smart TVs, which will come with the direct access of iTunes. This is not the first time that people will be using iTunes content outside of the Apple ecosystem. People generally use different applications like the Movie Anywhere which is basically a third party application to make sure they are able to enjoy iTunes content outside of the Apple ecosystem.

A lot of other tech companies have been worried about seeing this news because collaboration between the top two tech companies of the world will definitely make business much harder for everyone else in the market. Apple has not seen a lot of success in the recent past because all their iPhone sales have dropped drastically. More and more people have decided that they will go for other options or not change their phone recently.

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Apple also had to slow down their iPhone production because of lower sales numbers. With the new news of a collaboration between Apple and Samsung, people are anticipating something out of the box.


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