Australian Business complains about Google Maps causing havoc in the outback

Australian Business complains about Google Maps causing havoc in the outback
Australian Business complains about Google Maps causing havoc in the outback

The Tourism Department of Australia has come out and blamed Google Maps for showing inaccurately all the locations of remote hot spots which appears out of reach on the map for the visitors. A lot of tourists end up canceling the plan because of the inaccurate results of Google Maps causing a lot of loss for the Australian government.

All the remote towns which have a lot of tourist destination and spots show on the map that it will take around 11 hours to reach Queensland but in reality, it’s just 6 hours away. The complaints became a huge concern for the government of Queensland which made them get in contact with Google last Wednesday. Google has responded and said that they definitely will be looking after the issue. According to Robyn Mackenzie of the Eromanga Natural History Museum:

 “People aren’t coming to places because they think it takes too long, or they’re missing opportunities to refuel and they’re getting sent off on another road that has no fuel. People will get frightened of traveling in the outback because they don’t have any confidence in the mapping.”

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The inaccuracies of the map are what is stopping a lot of people to come here. Previously, this spot was a very important tourist location and a lot of people used to come here every season, but now the number of tourists visiting has decreased drastically. If the issue is being fixed by Google Maps and it is said that the people will be able to safely go to this place without any inconvenience, then a lot of people will start visiting.

According to the Queensland premier Cameron Dick:

“We are so dependent on these apps now to get us around cities, to get us around towns and to get us around big states like Queensland. We need to ensure that those apps and the information they are providing are as accurate as possible.”

Google generally maps their data from a lot of sources which include public information and different data given by the users. It is expected that the data that was collected by Google was not correct which ended up causing this confusion in the application. Google said that most of their data are accurate and they are investigating the whole situation. If the data is not correct they will make sure to rectify it as soon as possible.


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