Belkin launches car accessories like car charger and cables at the CES 2019

Belkin launches car accessories like car charger and cables at the CES 2019
Belkin launches car accessories like car charger and cables at the CES 2019

The CES 2019 is finally here and Belkin has already launched three new products in a row.

At the CES 2019, Belkin has come up with a new range of car charger, cables, and power banks for everyday use. The cables include a lightning connector, lightning connector headphones for Apple products, Boost Charging cable, Power bank and many more.

Belkin has come out and announced at CES 2019 that they are the first third-party company to offer USB Type C to Lightning cable. Belkin has been known in the market for a long period of time because of their great product quality. With the introduction of all the charging cables, Belkin has definitely made sure that they are able to retain their name in the quality segment.

In the charging cable section, Belkin just launched a new USB Type A to Lightning cable and also USB Type A to USB Type C. With the introduction of all these cables, Belkin has successfully able to expand their Boost Charge line up. All the cables that are introduced by Belkin come in 3 sizes. The three sizes that the cables are available are 4ft, 6ft, and 10ft. People can purchase cables according to the length they need.

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All these cables also come in black and white color options. Users can choose whichever color and length suit them the most. The prices of the cables are also being revealed by Belkin. The prices of the cables will be between the range of $24.99 to $34.99 which comes to about Rs. 1,700 to Rs. 2,400. All the cables will be available to the users from Spring 2019 from the company’s official website.

Belkin has made the concept of car charging much more fun because this is the first time that they have introduced Car charger which is USB C and also a home charger which is USB C. Both the car charger and home charger were introduced by Belkin in the CES 2019.

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All the chargers are compatible for all kinds of devices like the Apple iPad Pro and iPhone. These chargers will also be able to support different Mac Books. All the chargers will come between the price range of $39.99 to $44.99 which roughly comes to about Rs. 2,700 to Rs. 3,100 which is very much reasonable.


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