Goldman Sachs leads an investment round of Immersive Labs, a cybersecurity skill platform

Goldman Sachs leads an investment round of Immersive Labs, a cybersecurity skill platform
Goldman Sachs leads an investment round of Immersive Labs, a cybersecurity skill platform

Immersive Labs is basically a cybersecurity skill platform which has been successfully able to raise a total of $8 million in their Series A investment. This company is founded by James Hadley, who is a former GCHQ researcher. The Series A investment of Immersive Labs was led by Goldman Sachs and a few other unnamed private investors have also participated in it.

The main focus of Immersive Lab is to help enterprise IT and other cybersecurity teams with the platform which they have built with the latest security skill. The platform is designed by combining all the up to date threats which are known as gamified learning.

The startup Gold Immersive Labs is known to use all the real-time feed of all the latest attacks and threats and work on hacker psychology and all the technological vulnerabilities so that they are able to create cyber war games for IT as well as security teams to learn from. The basic idea of Immersive Labs platform is up skill people just within a few hours of all the threats. This platform will also help to identify any weakness in the system and alert the team beforehand.

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According to the chief executing officer of Immersive Labs James Hadley:

 “First there is a big picture problem that the world is crying out for cybersecurity talent and is currently struggling to fill that gap, secondly the way that cyber skill is being taught is massively obsolete and puts the companies they work for at risk. On many occasions what is taught is out of date before people leave the classroom.”

The chief executing officer James Hadley was running a summer school in GCHQ when he realized that the passive classroom learning is not very suitable when it comes to cybersecurity and this is the reason he had the idea of building Immersive Labs. He is very happy that he has been successfully able to create a company which will help to make a big change in the world of cybersecurity.

James Hadley also said:

 “We let technical and security teams learn cyber skills like an attacker, allowing them to keep pace by combining breaking threat data with short browser based war games. This takes the form of a series of stories that encourage people to research, analyze and build their own attacks and solutions. Whilst doing this, they learn in a fun and compelling way.”


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