Google Chrome will soon release dark mode for Windows 10

Google Chrome will soon release dark mode for Windows 10
Google Chrome will soon release dark mode for Windows 10

It is expected that Google will be coming up with Dark Mode feature in the coming year.

Google Chrome engineers have come out and confirmed that the release of the dark mode is confirmed and all that people need to do is simply wait until the update is released. The Google Chrome dark mode will also support MAC operating system Mojave. Windows 10 already comes with a preloaded dark mode, which is very much handy for a lot of people.

Google Chrome will soon be launching their native dark mode for all the Windows desktops so that people using Laptops and computers are able to enjoy dark mode in Windows. Google has been working on the dark mode for quite a long period of time and it is finally time for testing.

The dark mode is almost done and all it needs is testing. Once the testing is successfully done, Google will launch the dark mode. This dark mode will help the users be more comfortable using the Chromium browser in their PC or Laptop in the night time. This mode will also help them get a soothing effect in the eye. The reason why this mode has been released is to make sure the users are able to use this browser even when the lighting conditions are extremely low.

Google has already released dark mode for different applications like Android and YouTube and it was finally time for them to release the dark mode for Google Chrome. According to the senior engineer of the Google Chrome team Peter Kasting, they are now working on the dark mode and till then it is suggested for all the users to use the dark theme which is available in the Google Chrome application.

It has been revealed that Google will finally be submitting a code change that will help them support the dark mode for their Google Chrome browser. In the coming months, this dark mode will support both Windows as well as the MAC operating system.

The reason why Google Chrome has decided to introduce the dark mode is that Mozilla Firefox has also offered a dark theme for MAC operating system and windows. People will now be able to download different dark themes available in the Chrome Web Browser and use it until Google officially releases the dark mode for their Chromium application in the coming months.


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