Google coming up with control gadget project to work with touchless hand gestures

Google coming up with control gadget project to work with touchless hand gestures
Google coming up with control gadget project to work with touchless hand gestures

Google has finally been able to hit the market harder with their hand gesture smartwatch controls.

The industries of smartwatch are very much competitive now. A lot of companies are making smartwatches which are very much useful and tech-oriented. Google has now come up with a smartwatch which will work with gestures which are touch less. This means that users will be able to control their smartwatch without actually touching the watch physically.

This project from Google was able to win the federal approval and has been on the radar of tech since 2015. According to Google, the touch less hand gestures will help the smartwatch have better accuracy. It’s been years that Google has been working on this technology.

Now, instead of taping on the screen, all that users need to do is simply make a gesture without touching the smartphone and it will start working seamlessly. This technology will definitely help all the users to simply turn on their JBL smart speakers by moving their hand and not actually touching anything.

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This technology will definitely make things interesting for a lot of people in the tech industry. This will bring a big revolution in the tech industry because most of the companies are all at a position that they are not able to figure out something unique to add to their smart devices. This is the perfect gateway for Google to enter into the smartwatch industry.

The prototype of the smartwatch has already been debuted. This smartwatch is now called Project Soli. This project faced a major road bump after the radar was not able to notice the gestures made by the user. Now, people at Google are trying to solve the issue. Once the issue is solved, this smart device will hit the market as soon as possible.

In the month of March in 2018, Google applied for a waiver from the FCC so that they are able to operate with a higher power level. Facebook was the company which initially protested against this higher power level, but the FCC later decided to give Google a green light. On 31st of December 2018, the waiver was passed by the FCC and now Google will be able to work on the prototype and release the smartwatch in the market.

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