Here launches SoMo app for social mobility ride sharing and different public transports

Here launches SoMo app for social mobility ride sharing and different public transports
Here launches SoMo app for social mobility ride sharing and different public transports

A tech company has finally launched its application in the market, which will help people to use subways, buses, bike sharing, and ride-hailing with other people. They will also be helping people find carpooling arrangement using a social media platform. The SoMo app which is known for social mobility is basically designed by HERE Technologies.

HERE Technologies is a company which specializes in all the GPS related applications. The senior vice president of the company Liad Itzhak has come out and said:

 “The application SoMo has been launched in a total of 15 countries all around the world which include places like Los Angeles.”

They also have made plans that they will be adding about 5 cities in their app every month. As said Itzhak:

 “Our main aim of this app is to make sure that people are able to travel from one place to another in a much convenient manner. The main intention of this app is to make the life of the people easier with the wide array of travel options.”

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The company is very sure that this app will be popular among people because according to them, they have created an app which is a lot different from any app which is available in the market now.

All the software-based transportation apps generally build a customer base around the people who use the application. Users who prefer Uber generally select Uber as their primary method of transportation. This is the reason that only one or two companies in this sector rule the industry with maximum market shares.

The SoMo app will be a game changer in the market because it will help all the users to check out fares from different apps and other easier transport options other than taxis like buses or trains.

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It is expected that once people start using this app intensively, there will be a market for competition for everyone. HERE Technologies has been successfully able to line up a total of 500 companies for its market place in just one year. This idea of the app has been appreciated by a lot of people and this is the reason the company is sure that they will be able to find success in this market. They will also set other apps for transport help grow.


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