IBM soon be releasing their latest high-resolution global weather forecast model

IBM soon be releasing their latest high-resolution global weather forecast model
IBM soon be releasing their latest high-resolution global weather forecast model

IBM decided to buy a weather company in the year 2016. When IBM made the purchase, their long term plan behind the acquisition of the company was not clear, but now clouds of doubts are getting cleared for the people.

The reason why IBM purchased the company was that they wanted a dozen of forecasters, thousands of personal weather stations and a website that drew a lot of people to their stories. IBM has moved in a very smart manner and this is the perfect way to launch their latest high-resolution global weather forecast model.

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The CES 2019 is going on in Las Vegas and here in a conference, IBM announced their latest plan about the high-resolution global weather forecast model. The announcement has made a lot of people go crazy over the technology that they have used. People have really become excited about how IBM is working. A person who attended the CES 2019 came out and said:

 “I was not expecting something like this from IBM and I am really happy that these big companies are working so hard to make all these changes with the help of technology which eventually help the global market in a massive manner.”

All the other companies which are working under the weather forecast business are not very happy because the technology IBM has created will enable them to become a global leader in no time at all. Neilley, who is basically the vice president of the global forecasting has said that this technology will help people get accurate weather forecast about 1 hour to 12 hours ahead of time.

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It is expected that IBM will be sharing their technology with other weather forecasting channels. This will be a big scope for IBM to grow their revenue in a much faster manner. People who have been working on IBM came out and said:

“It took us a lot of time to design this technology because it is one of the devices which will help to forecast absolutely correct data.”

All the data that will be collected with the help of the technology will be accurate and people are very much excited that from now on the weather forecast will never be wrong and people will always be prepared for the coming weather almost 12 hours ahead of time.


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