Immusoft raised $20 million on their Series B round for developing gene therapy

Immusoft raised $20 million on their Series B round for developing gene therapy
Immusoft raised $20 million on their Series B round for developing gene therapy

Immusoft which is basically a Seattle, Washington based company known for cell therapy has come out to the market and raised an investment of $ 20 million so that they are able to work on gene therapy.

Immusoft has been working in the market for quite a long time and finally, they have decided to work on gene therapy and this is the reason they decided to raise money from the market. The investors who invested in Immusoft are Alexandria Ventures Investments, Mesa Verde Venture Partner, DEFTA Partners, Breakout Ventures, and RBV Capital. The money that has been raised by the company will first be used to advance the ISP 001 with the Phase 1 and 2 clinical developments to develop a pipeline candidate that will help people to use a proprietary Immune System program approach to do B cell modification.

Immusoft is a company which is basically led by Sean Ainsworth. The main aim of Immusoft is basically to treat all the diseases with all the different types of leading technologies. They are now calling it the Immune System Programming. This program has also been able to modify the patient B cell and produce a gene encoded medicine with it. B cells can also be reprogrammed with the help of this program.

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After the company was able to successfully get their investment they started working on the ISP 001 which basically incorporates Sleeping Beauty transposon engineered autologous B cell for the expression and delivery of alpha L iduronidase to treat Mucopolysaccharidosis type 1. The work of the company is futuristic in nature and they are working towards the future and betterment of the health care industry.

Since this company is from the health care industry, it was easier for them to raise the money because their vision was convincing to the investors. The company will also be increasing their strength with the money they received as the investment to speed up their procedure and the money that the investors have invested could be retired to them.

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The goal of the company is to improve the global health care industry and they are now successfully working towards it.


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