Microsoft Team Launches Smart Camera and Location Sharing: Integration APIs and “Praise” coming very soon

Microsoft Team Launches Smart Camera and Location Sharing: Integration APIs and “Praise” coming very soon
Microsoft Team Launches Smart Camera and Location Sharing: Integration APIs and “Praise” coming very soon

In the popular bid, Slack has found a better team collaboration service. Microsoft has decided to add a host of new features to Microsoft Team. The main focus of this is aimed towards first-line workers. The new features which are introduced by Microsoft basically come with location sharing and smart camera. This helps people to record and share audio messages.

Microsoft is also planning to add a very new feature called the “Praise” feature which will be available to people in the coming month. People at Microsoft are now working on the new API so that they able to develop the new features. This app is very popular in different companies where people need it for workforce management.

The new team from Microsoft is now targeting the first line workers, which, according to Microsoft is a customer contact point. Microsoft has also been working on the update where the Microsoft Team will be available on mobile phones and it is finally here. This has made the life of people easier. People are now able to access everything from their smartphone without any problem.

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According to one of the developers from Microsoft:

“We are trying hard so that people using this app will feel at ease. We are adding all the new features in this app keeping the user in mind. We are expecting that in the coming years, a lot of companies will be using this app for their organization.”

The Information Technology administrator now comes with a power to grant the Microsoft Team in the mobile first approach and also have a customizable mobile Team experience. The access to this application with a mobile phone is also made everything easy for the users because now they are able to use this app on the go without having to think about work.

A new API is also being created by Microsoft that will help allow integration of a company’s workforce management system with the help of Microsoft Teams. The new API will help people to create a seamless management system and the work of the manager will decrease and will also become very efficient.

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Microsoft has been working on Microsoft Team for quite a long time and according to their developers:

“This is the first time that we have worked so hard for developing such a platform for increasing their work efficiency.”

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