Popular Talent Discovery Startup Daisie collects $2.5 million from Founders Fund

Popular Talent Discovery Startup Daisie collects $2.5 million from Founders Fund
Popular Talent Discovery Startup Daisie collects $2.5 million from Founders Fund

Maisie Williams’ time on Game of Thrones might have arrived at a conclusion, but her gift discovery program Daisie is simply getting started. Co-founded by movie manufacturer Dom Santry, Daisie intends to make it easier for creators to showcase their job, find projects and collaborate together via a societal networking-style platform. Just 11 days following Daisie formally launched to the general public, the program hit a historical landmark of 100,000 members. It also recently closed on $2.5 million in seed financing, the business informed

The round was led by Founders Fund, which contributed $1.5 million. Other investors included 8VC, Kleiner Perkins, also newer VC company Shrug Capital, from AngelList’s former leader of advertising Niv Dror, that also individually spent. To date — for example family and friends money and the creators’ own investment — Daisie has increased about $3 million.

It is going to later move toward increasing a bigger Series A, Santry states.

On Daisie, founders set a profile as you would on social networking, follow and find different users, then search out jobs based on place, action, or other aspects.

“Whether it is movie, photography, music, artwork — what is optimized around searching for collaborators,” clarifies Santry. “So the jobs which are actively open and searching for individuals to participate would be those we are really pushing for individuals to detect and get involved with,” he states.

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The organization’s aim to offer you an alternate route to gift discovery is a timely one. These days, the creative business is waking up as are many others — into the consequences of this #MeToo and #TimesUp moves. As power-hungry abusers lose their occupations, new methods of working, media and sourcing ability are taking hold.

Since Williams stated when she introduced the program year, Daisie’s focus is about providing the power back to the founder.

“Rather than [founders ] needing to advertise themselves to fit somebody else’s notion of what their job is, they could let their artwork speak for themselves,” she explained at the moment.

The program was introduced to an invite-only beta on iOS past summer, and immediately saw a surge of consumers. After 37,000 downloads week, it still crashed.

“We realized that the community was a lot larger than the product we had built, and that scale was something we needed to do properly,” Santry tells told.

The group realized there was still another issue, too: After collaborators discovered each other in Daisie, there was not a clear cut method for them to get in contact with one another because the program needed no communication resources or approaches to share documents constructed in.

“That journey from concept to production was pretty muddy and quite muddled…so we realized, if we were bringing teams together, we actually wanted to give them a place to work — give them this creative hub…and take their project from concept all the way to production on Daisie,” Santry notes.

With this wider concept in your mind, Daisie began casting in San Francisco shortly after the beta launch. The round originally closed in October 2018 but has been recently reopened to let Dror’s investment.

With the extra funds in tow, Daisie has managed to expand its group of five to five, such as new hires from Monzo, Deliveroo, BBC, Microsoft, and many others — especially engineers that have been conversant with designing programs for scale. Tasked with creating better infrastructure and a grand feature set, the staff chose to work on attracting Daisie into the internet.

Six months after, the brand new variant introduced into the general public and is secure enough to deal with the load. Now, it topped 100,000 users most of which have been in London. But, Daisie is likely to concentrate on taking its program to other cities such as Berlin, New York, and L.A. moving ahead.

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The business has monetization thoughts in your mind, but the program doesn’t currently generate earnings. But, it is already fielding inquiries from firms who need Daisie to locate them the ideal gift for their own projects.

“We want the best for the creators on the platform, so if that means bringing clients on — and hopefully giving those connectivity opportunities — then we’ll absolutely [go] down those roads,” Santry states.

The program may also function as a talent pipeline for Maisie Williams’ very own Daisy Chain Productions. In reality, Daisie recently conducted a campaign named London Creates which linked young, emerging founders with project groups, two of which have been led by Santry’s Daisy Chain Productions co-founders, Williams, and Bill Milner.

Today Daisy Chain Productions will create a movie from the Daisie cooperation for an outcome.

While celebs occasionally do little more than give their name to jobs, Williams handed off concerning getting Daisie off the floor, Santry states. Throughout the first quarter of 2019, she worked on Daisie 9-to-5, he notes. But she’s since begun another movie project and intends to continue to function as a celebrity, that will restrict her daily participation. Her role today and in the future might be more high-level.

“I think her role is going to become one of, culturally, like: where does Daisie stand? What do we stand for? Who do we work with? What do we represent?” he says. “How do we help creators everywhere? That mainly wants Maisie wants to make sure Daisie does.”

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