Project Athena of Intel pushes PC manufacturers to create advanced laptops with AI and 5G

Project Athena of Intel pushes PC manufacturers to create advanced laptops with AI and 5G
Project Athena of Intel pushes PC manufacturers to create advanced laptops with AI and 5G

Intel has finally come up with a unique way to push all the computer makers for creating a laptop which is far more advanced than the laptops that are available in the market and also with the features like Artificial Intelligence and 5G.

Intel has been using their Project Athena so that they are able to promote the new technologies like the 5G and the artificial intelligence for the laptops. Intel has a very clear idea about the future and according to them, the future is 5G and artificial intelligence. It is very important for all the computer makers to manufacture laptops with artificial intelligence and 5G to stay ahead of the curve.

The computer manufacturing industry is very competitive now. A lot of brands are competing against each other to make name for themselves in the market and also to make sure to survive in it.

According to Intel, if the manufacturers are still not able to build the latest laptops then they will be left behind and other companies will take its place.

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All the technologies sound similar and all the specifications that the computer manufacturing industry follows to create Ultrabook have become saturated. It is important now to manufacture all the next-gen laptops which will be loaded with power and function properly even in the future. The main focus of Ultrabook now is to make sure that the body of the laptop is made small and light as possible. They are focusing more on the weight and accessibility of the laptop as compared to the specification of the laptop.

According to Intel, it is important for them to focus on the Project Athena where they will be trying to build lighter laptops for convenience purposes along with all the latest features and specifications which will include support for 5 and Artificial intelligence.

Intel has now been talking within their company about finalizing the specifications they will be using in the latest laptops. They have not yet shared their specification in the press yet.

According to calculations, it is expected that Intel will be making a lot of changes in the company and if everything goes right they will emerge as a much stronger company in the market.

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