Samsung Galaxy S10 will support reverse wireless charging “Beyond”

Samsung Galaxy S10 will support reverse wireless charging “Beyond”
Samsung Galaxy S10 will support reverse wireless charging “Beyond”

According to rumors, it is expected that the latest flagship phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S10 will be coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, which will support 5G. It is also expected that the smart phone from Samsung will come with an infinity O notch with a camera cut out within the display. This will be the first smart phone in the market from Samsung which will be coming with an infinity O notch.

It is expected that this technology will bring a revolution in the smart phone industry. Now all the smart phone companies are trying to design a bezel-less display and also a notch less display in smart phone and Samsung has finally been able to design the perfect smart phone.

With the help of the eve leaks, all the photos of the upcoming Samsung S10 are finally out in the market. The Samsung S10 will come with very small bezels in four sides. The bottom bezel will be a bit bigger just like all the Samsung phones. There will be a pinch hole in the display, which will be for the camera. The pinch hole camera will help people get all the selfie they want.

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All the sensors are expected to be embedded below the screen. The phone will be coming with a 2K OLED display, which is right now the most expensive display available for smart phones in the market.

Samsung releases the S series phones every year in the beginning and this year, it is time for them to release the Samsung S10. It is expected that the Samsung S10 will come with a 3.5 mm jack which has made a lot of Samsung fans very happy. The biggest debate that all the smart phone companies are facing now is why they have been removing the 3.5 mm jack. Samsung has kept it simple and has retained the jack.

According to Samsung, the users are habituated to use the headphone jack and if they remove the jack the users will have to face some issues. The motto of Samsung is to make the life of the users easy and removing it will definitely make it harder.

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Samsung will be releasing two mobile from the S flagship. The first phone will be the Samsung S10 Lite and the second phone will be Samsung S10 Plus.


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