Sennheiser launches their AMBEO sound bar at CES 2019

Sennheiser launches their AMBEO sound bar at CES 2019
Sennheiser launches their AMBEO sound bar at CES 2019

Sennheiser has been able to make a name for itself in the global market for sound and music devices. People who use Sennheiser know how much work the company puts for maintaining the quality of music and sound in their devices.

At CES 2019, Sennheiser finally launched their AMBEO sound bar. The AMBEO 3D audio technology program is basically dedicated to creating an outstanding audio solution that helps to deliver the ultimate audio experience. This technology also transforms the way users experience music in their day to day life.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 at Las Vegas, Sennheiser launched their most awaited soundbar of the year. All the soundbars which have been developed by Sennheiser have been under the trademark of AMBEO. AMBEO 3D technology is basically a program which is especially dedicated to creating immersive audio solutions that will help to deliver the best sound capture and reproduction experience.

Sennheiser has been talking about this sound bar for quite a long period of time and finally, they have launched it at the beginning of the year 2019.

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According to a developer of the soundbar from Sennheiser:

 “This is probably the best sound bar money can buy in the market. This sound bar will be able to transform your living room and give you an experience which you have never felt before.”

Sennheiser has said that they are really thrilled about how people will respond in the consumer market. People who have tested this speaker out have appreciated the quality a lot. Sennheiser also claims that these are the speakers which basically produce 3D sound. This 3D sound technology is relatively new and not a lot of companies are manufacturing this kind of speakers in the market.

Sennheiser has come out and said:

 “This latest soundbar comes with the AMBEO trademark and it also blurs the line which is there between playback and reality from single to all in one device.”

This speaker comes with 13 drivers so that it can support every device. This sound bar also has all the latest visualization technologies which were basically developed by Fraunhofer IIS. It is expected that this sound bar will be a milestone of quality in the soundbar industry.

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A lot of companies are manufacturing sound bars in the market now but none of them is as much power as this.


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