WhatsApp will allow sending 30 audio files together with revamped sharing UI

WhatsApp will allow sending 30 audio files together with revamped sharing UI
WhatsApp will allow sending 30 audio files together with revamped sharing UI

WhatsApp is now one of the most popular social media platforms which are used by people to message each other. WhatsApp has been in the market for a long period of time and once it started growing, Facebook purchased the company and started making it much bigger.

WhatsApp has finally come out with their latest update where people will be able to send 30 audio files at one point of time. WhatsApp will also be bringing out an audio preview, which will be very convenient for all the users. WhatsApp has also added the feature of Album Art for people sending audio files. WhatsApp for Android will get a major redesign in the coming week, but there will not be any major change for WhatsApp iOS.

The new changes that are made by WhatsApp are all in beta format and people using the beta will only be able to share 30 audio files at one time. This is one of the next major updates from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has not had a major update since the introduction of WhatsApp story in the application.

An employee from WhatsApp has come out and said:

“This will be a big change made on the WhatsApp platform and this is the reason it is very important for us to try the beta version. People will be able to try out the beta version and figure out if they really like the changes or not”.

There is no major change in the WhatsApp platform for the iOS users and this is the reason people are not very happy. It is expected that WhatsApp will now be working on the WhatsApp Web platform of iOS so that they can make it better.

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According to WABetaInfo:

“The redesigned audio file section is a part of the WhatsApp beta for the Android version 2.19.1 and this update will help WhatsApp be the perfect application for sharing different songs with friends”.

Since there is no option of sending songs on iOS, there is absolutely no use of developing the iOS WhatsApp application. The PiP feature is also being added by WhatsApp recently which will help people watch all the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos they receive in WhatsApp in a small window and continue working on other things.


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