YouTube changed the way you navigate videos on its phone app

YouTube changed the way you navigate videos on its mobile app
YouTube changed the way you navigate videos on its mobile app

YouTube is now working hard so that they are able to make the mobile app more user-friendly and easier to navigate from one video to another.

YouTube came out and announced that this week, they will be rolling out a new horizontal swiping gesture in the mobile application so that users are able to switch from one video to another simply with the help of one swipe. This will help users to switch from previous to the next and from next to the previous videos simply by one swipe. Once users swipe forward, they will be taken to the next video which is recommended by YouTube.

Swiping backward would take the users to their last watched videos. According to claims made by YouTube, the video will be able to resume itself when users have last left it in case they decide to move back again to the video. The reason YouTube came up with this feature is that they wanted users to have more control over the video playback option on the mobile phone.

YouTube decided to take more work into the mobile platform because almost 70 percent of the people using YouTube are using it from a mobile platform. Recently, YouTube has made a lot of other changes to the app. YouTube added the feature of Story in 2018, where content creators can upload short videos about the news of their upcoming videos. The dark mode of YouTube was also launched in 2019 which became very popular amongst people using the YouTube mobile application. YouTube also added the feature of auto-playing videos on the home page of the mobile application.

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YouTube has realized that the most of the people who use this platform prefer to use it from the mobile phone so they are trying their level best to come up with features that will make the application much more user-friendly. YouTube has also been working on gesture controls of the application for a long period of time and they are really happy that they have been able to implement the features very easily.

With the latest feature of swipe in the videos, YouTube has now become more responsive and people have really appreciated this feature a lot. A lot of content creators make their living from YouTube so it is the responsibility of the platform to keep their users interested in the application.


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